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Educational Enterprises specializes in the areas of scientific instrument, chemicals and laboratory equipments , offering a vast array of products in . Educational Enterprises realizes the importance and worldwide impact of our customer’s discoveries..

Chemistry Lab Equipments
Bottles & BrushesBurner Bunsen
PipetteTest Tube
Tripod StandAir Pump
Burette ClampsAnalytical Balance
Aneroid BarometerMolar mass apparatus
Mortar and pestleMulti-gas burner
Ignition tubeIncubator universal
Water tapWeighing bottle
Wet & dry bulb thermometerWhirling hygrometer
Wire platinumWoulf bottle
Wire gauzePorcelain ware
Air pumpAnalytical balance counter
Balance physical balance triple beamBalance double beam balance mass
Brush flask brush test tubeBunsen burner with stop cock
Brush bottle Centrifuge hand driven
Centrifuge laboratory tubesCharcoal block
Double / single clamp buretteClamp retort clamp universal
Hoffman's clip / Mohr's iron CP with thumbMohr's iron CP clips crocodile
Cobalt glass condenser airCondenser Liebig / condenser Liebig with socket and cone
Cork borer / cork borer sharpenerCork boring machine cork pressure
Cork rubber cork siliconCork wooden crucible tong
Crucibles silicon/nickelDrawing board
Filter paper first aid kitFlask tong funnel stand wooden
Gas tap glovesHeating mantle / Hoffman Voltameter with packing
Hot plate hot plate with magnetic stirrerHygrometer hair hygrometer wet and dry
Laboratory jack lever balance dual scale

Educational Chemistry Lab apparatus
TongMuffle furnace
Ostwald viscometerPeriodic table
Ph meter digitalPipette bulb rubber pipette / bulb teat
Pipette droppingRubber bulb
Micro tips microlitre variable volumeMicroPipette serological/graduate
PolarimeterRetort stand base and rod
spatula both side flatspirit lamp glass/Brass/Steel
Stop clock stop watch digitalStop watch mechanical syphon
Test tube glass test tube holder all woodenTest tube holder cross pattern test tube holder sliding
Test tubes stand wooden/ PlasticThermometer clinical thermometer max & min
Thermometers mercury/red spirit thermometers wet & dryTripod stand tube
Test tube glassAcid proof gloves
Universal clampWater bath 6 holes water bath 6 holes double walled
Four prong ClampThree prong clamp
Double adjustable three prong clampDouble adjustable two/three prong clamp with bosshead
Double burette clampSingle burette clamp
Universal clampPendulum clamp
Suspension ClampThermometer clamp
Send EnquiryClamp holder (Bosshead)
Clamp bossheadSquare bosshead
Retort StandClamp ring with bosshead
Ray box with slitRay box with slit (aluminum pressure die casted)
Light demonstration guideTripod stand
S.S. Beaker tong

Physics Lab Equipments

Educational Physics Lab apparatus
Vernier Calliper IMEScrew Gauge 25mm in Case
Glass Slab 75*50*18mm Meter Scale
Bob Pendulum Brass 1"Measuring Cylinder 250ml
Laboratory Electronic Balance 1 pcBeaker B/G 250ml
Tripod Stand 6" Wire Gauge No.1
Thermameter 110 Deg Thermometer F 220 (Al)
Plane Mirror with Stand Drawing Board 12-18 " WooDEN
Optical Bench Wooden Mirror Concave 20cm
Battery Box Cap Two Cell Key One Way
Spirit Lamp Steel Compass Needle Both Side
Bar Magnet Alnico 2" Spring Balance Esal 100GM
Balance - Physical WITH WEIGHT BOXInclined Plane Single
Copper Calorimeter Ohm’s Law with Power Supply
Battery Eliminator 1amp CHART ON PHYSICS
Chart Scientist 12 pc. Concave Lense 20cm F.L.
Convex Lense F. L. 20cm Ext.Slinkey

Botony Lab Equipments

  • Botanical Class Material
  • Plastic Embedded Special Preparations
  • Storage Accessories for Class Work Materials
  • Permanent Micro Prepared Slides
  • Bio-Visual Charts
  • Cytology Slides (Meiosis’/Mitosis Cell Division)
  • Raxine Charts-Botany
  • Fossil Slides
  • Botanical Projection Slides
  • Fossil Specimens
  • Botany Series 35 M.M. Film Strips
  • Botany Museum Specimens
  • Photographs of Famous Biologists
  • Transparencies For Overhead Projector
  • Plant Life History in Jar
  • Plant Physiology Apparatus
  • Genetics & Molecular Models
  • Botanical Micro Model
  • Fiber Glass Models

Zoolozy Lab Equipments

  • Alizarin Preparation
  • Human Anatomy Unbreakable Fiber Glass Models
  • Imported & Rare Specimens
  • New Rexine Charts Zoology
  • Photographs of Famous Biologists
  • Skeleton
  • Zoological Class Work Material
  • Animal Life History
  • Display Zoology Specimens and Plastomounts
  • Dissection Animals-Preserved
  • General Zoological Models
  • Genetics & Molecular Bio-Models
  • Human Models Made from Plaster of Paris
  • Micro Models-Acrylic Dust Proof Box
  • Permanent Micro-Prepared Slides
  • Plastic Embedded Specimen

Educational Enterprises

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