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Pharmacy Lab Equipment

Range of precisely engineered pharmacy lab equipment. These equipment have been designed keeping in mind specific laboratory requirements of B, D & M pharmacy labs. We not only deliver consignments of pharmacy lab equipment in desired quantities but also provide complete after sales services for maintenance, repair and exchange of equipment, if found defected. Our equipment comply with highest quality standards to deliver accurate and reliable testing results.

Pharmacy Lab Equipment
Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine Ball Mill Motor Driven
Bicycle ErgographBottle Filling Machine
Rotary Vacuum Film EvaporatorCentrifuge Machine
Coating Pan (Tablet)Cream / Ointment Filling Machine
Digital PotentiometerDigital Colony Counter
Digital Friability ApparatusDigital Bulk Density Apparatus
Dispensing Balance Tablet Disintegration Test Machine
Bottle Rotating ApparatusDisintegration Tester
Friability TesterLeak Tester
Tap Density Tester Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker
Peristaltic PumpsTablet Hardness Tester
Tablet Testers Bottle Torque Tester
Powder Flow TesterWashers
Cleaning Agents and DisinfectantsLab Scale Granulating Equipments
Freeze DryerOrgans Baths
Activity cage adjustable standAdvance rotary microtome aeration tube
Aggressometer air conditionerAir curtains all glass distillation set
Ampule clarity test setAmpule washing device analgesiometer
Analgesiometer eddy's hot plateAnalgesiometer tail flick analytical balances
Analytical weight boxAnatomical specimen
Arterial cannula aseptic cabinetAndresen’s pipette antibiotic zone reader
Atomic models audiogenic seizure test chamberAudiogenic test chamber autoclave
Autoclave-double chamber autoclave-single chamberB p apparatus B.O.D. Incubator
Ball mill motor driven ball millBalance for weighing small animals balance torsion type
Bicycle ergo graph binocular microscopeBattery eliminator Benedict Roth recording spirometer
Boss head botany Blender blister /strip pack machine
Bottle filling machine bottle sealing machine Bulk density apparatus Bunsen burner
Burettes burnerCamera Lucida capsule filling machine
Car apparatus centrifuge machine
Chart cabinet charts (pharmacognosy)
Charts human physiology chemical balance
Circular drying stand clamps
Clarity test equipment for ampule coating pan
Collapsible tube filling machine collapsible tube filling machine
Colony counter Columbia obstruction box
Compartment dryer (tray drier) conductometer
Conical percolator continuance avoidance response test apparatus
Contraceptive device cook's pole climbing
Cork borers cork boring machine
Cover slip crimping machine
Crucibles and gooch crucibles
Cube mixer (roto cube) cup vortex mixer - test tube mixer
Cylindrical tank
Dehumidifier densitometer
Desiccators (soda glass)
Different kind of levers different kind of suppository moulds
Digital activity cage digital activity cage new model
Digital chronoscope digital display elapsed time
Digital display multiple choice apparatus digital display multiple choice apparatus time
Digital display response time apparatus digital display elapsed time apparatus
Digital multiple choice apparatus digital spectrophotometer
Digital steadiness tester disintegration double basket
Disintegration test apparatus disintegrator test apparatus big motorized
Disintegrator test apparatus small/pulverizer motorized dispensing balance
Dissecting instrument box dissecting microscope
Dissecting surgical instrument set dissolution rate test apparatus six stage
Dissolution rate test apparatus three stage dissolution rate test apparatus two stage
Dissolution rate test appt. Six stage dissolution rate test equipment
Dissolution six stage jar test apparatus distillation still
Distillation still double cone blender

Pharmacy Equipment

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