Chemistry Laboratory Equipment

Physics Laboratory Equipment

Hospital Equipment and Consumables

Measurment & Metrology Lab

  • Vernier caliper digimatic
  • Micrometer digimatic
  • Dial bore gauge
  • Precision sprit level
  • Universal bevel protractor
  • Thikness gauge
  • Dial gauge
  • Steel rule
  • Magnetic stand
  • Screw thread micrometer
  • Attachment for metric thread
  • Attachment for whith worth
  • Sine bar
  • Gear tooth vernier caliper
  • Granite surface plate
  • Cast iron surface plate
  • V-block with c-clamps
  • Pitch gauge for with worth
  • Pitch gauge for metric
  • Radius gauge
  • Angle plate
  • Slip gauge set
  • Thread measurement 3-wire
  • Tool makers microscope
  • Surface roughness tester

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