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Merck , Fisher, CDH, Nike, Rankem
Alcian Blue (10 gm)Alizarine red
Aniline blue (Water soluble)Aniline blue (Spirit soluble)
Borax carmineBrilliant green
Carbol FuschsinCarmine
Carmine (5 gm pack)Congo red
Cotton blueCrystal violet
Eosin yellow s/sEosin yellow w/s
ErythrosinFast green
Fast green FCF (5 gms)Fuchsin acid
Fuchsin basicGention violet
Geimsa’s stainHaematoxyline
Haematoxyline 5 gm packIndigo carmine GR
Janus green (10 gm)Light green
Leishman’s stainMalachite green
Methylene blueMethyl violet
Methyl orangeMethyl blue
Neutral red GR(10 gms)Orecin (5 gms)
Orange GPhloxin B
Phosphomolybdic acid GRPhosphotungustic acid (100 gm)
SafranineSudan III
Sudan IVSudan Black ‘B’ (10 gm)

Merck , Fisher, CDH, Nike, Rankem
Alizarine redAniline blue aquous
Aniline blue alcoholicAceto carmine for cytology guaranteed
Aceto orecin latest stain for cytological worksBorax carmine alcoholic
Borax carmine aquousBromocresol green
Bromothymol blueCarbol fuchsin
Congo redCotton blue
Cotton blue in lectophenolCotton blue in clove oil
Crystal violetErythrosin (alcoholic)
Eosin aquaousEosin alcoholic
Fuchsin basic (saturated)Fuchsin acid
Fast green alcoholicFast green in clove oil
Gention violet (Aquous)Gention violet (alcoholic)
Giemsa stainGram’s iodine
Haematoxylin (delafield’s) ripenedHaematoxylin (iron)
Haematoxylin (Harris)Iodine (KI+Iodine) solution
A Janus GreenLeishman’s stain (250 ml)
Light green alcoholicLight green in clove oil
Methylene blue aquaousMallory’s triple stain
Methyl green Neutral red
Orange ‘G’ aquaousOrange ‘G’ alcoholic
Safranin aquaous Safranin alcoholic
Sudan-III alcoholicWright’s stain (250 ml)

Diagnostic, Haematoloogy and Analysis Reagents 125 ml
Barfoed’s ReagentBenedicts solution
Millons ReagentMoillsch’s Reagent
Nessler’s Reagent (King’s)Schiffs Reagent
O-tolidine ReagentTolins Reagent
Biuret ReagentR. B. C. Diluting fluid
Uric Acid ReagentThichloro Acetic Acid Solution (For Blood sugar)
Hayem’s SolutionMoillsch’s Reagent
Nessler’s Reagent (King’s)Ringer’s Saline
Xynthidrol ReagentSmith’s Reagent
Heart’s ReagentOsmic Acid Solution

Merck , Fisher, CDH, Nike, Rankem
AcetoneAcid acetic
Agar agar shredsAgar agar powder bacteriological
Anticerum A 115—5 mlAnticerum B—5 ml 115—5 ml
Anticerum D—5 ml 310—5 mlAnticoagulant reagent 45—125 ml
Aluminium potassium sulphateAlbumen fixative mayer’s 56—125 ml
Aluminium nitrate Aluminium ammonium sulphate (Ammonium Alum)
Aluminium sulphateAmino acids kit of 24 items
Ammonium carbonateAmmonium chloride
Ammonium dichromateAmmonium nitrate
Ammonium ferrous sulphateAmmonium thiocynate
Ammonium sulphate Ammonium molybdate (100 gms)
Amyl alcoholAmmonia solution (Ammonium Hydroxide)
Arsenic tri oxideBalsom Canada Slidex/Natural white and quick drying
Ammonium dichromateAmmonium nitrate
Balsom Canada (Best Indian) Quick DryingBalsom Canada Daniel English/ German
Balsom Canada NaturalBarfoed reagent
Barium CarbonateBarium chloride
Bees wax (Original pure)Benedict solution (Quali.)
Benzene Biuret reagent (125 ml)
n-Butyl Alcoholiso-Butyl Alcohol
Tert. Butyl AlcoholBorax( Disodium tetraborate)
Bouin’s fluidBuffer tablets pH-4, pH-7, pH-9.2
Boric AcidBarium Sulphate
Calcium carbonate Calcium chloride
Calcium hydroxideCalcium nitrate
Calcium oxideCalcium sulphate
Carbol xylolCarbon-di-sulphide
Carbon tetra chlorideCeder wood oil (100 ml)
Ceder wood oil (Chinagirl) Charcoal activated
ChloroformCitric acid
Colchicine (1 gm) Cellodion 8%
Chromium trioxide (Chromic acid)Cobalt chloride (100 gms)
Cobalt nitrate (100 gm) Cupric chloride
Copper sulphate Dextrose anhydrous
Detol (100 ml)DPX Mountant (250 ml)
Diethylether (Solvent) Diphenyl amine (250 gms)
1, 4 DioxanDDT Powder
Ether petroleum (60° to 80°) Ether petroleum (40° to 60°)
Ethyl acetate E D T A
Euparol (Imported) (100 ml)Fehlings solution A
Fehlings solution B Ferric chloride
Ferric oxide redFerrous sulphate
Formaline water white Formaline white pure 5 lit. pack
Formaline white pure 30 lit.FAA Formino-aceto alcohol
Fructose (100 gms)Folin-wuis solution(500 ml)
GelatinGibberlic acid (1 gm)
Glucose=DGlycerine (Glycerol)
Glycine (100 gm)Gold chlorids 1 gm (Imported) 1 gm
Gower’s fluid RBCGlass wool (200 gm)
Gum arabica (Acacia)Hayvem’s fluid (RBC Dilution)
Hydrogen per oxide 20 vol. (1 lit)Hydroquinone (250 gm)
Hydrochloric AcidIodine crystal(100 gms)
Indole-3 acetic acid (5 gms)Lacto-phenol (125 ml)
Lactic-acidLead acetate
Lead nitrateLactose
Magnesium (Metal) (25 gms)Magnesium chloride
Magnesium-oxideMagnesium sulphate
Mercury metal distilled (250 gms)Mercuric chloride (250 gms)
Mercuric iodide red (100 gms)Mercuric oxide (100 gms)
Millon’s reagent (125 ml)Naphtol alfa(1-Naphthol) (100 gms)
Naphthol-beta(2-Naphthol) (100 gm)Nessler’s reagent (125 ml)
Ninhydrin GR (10 gms)Nitric Acid
Normal salineOil of clove (France imported)
Oil of clove zanzi China girlOil of olive imported Italy (400 ml)
Oxalic acidOil for oil immersion (France) imported (50 ml)
Osmic-acid (imported) (1 gm)Osmic acid solution (125 ml)
Picric acid (in water)Paraffin wax (56°-58°)
Paraffin wax (58°-60°)Paraffin wax (60°-62°)
Paraffin wax (60° with cerecin)Phenolphthaline(100 gms)
Para dicholorobenzeneParaffin liquid
Pepsin(100 gms)Peptone Bacteriological
Plaster of parisPhenol (Carbolic acid)
Phenyl (Perfumed cleaner)Pyrogallol 25 gm
Potassium chloridePotassium dichromate
Potassium ferrocyanidePotassium hydroxide (flakes)
Potassium hydroxide (pellets)Potassium iodide (100 gms)
Potassium nitratePotassium permangnate
Potassium metabisulphitePotassium thiocyanate
Potassium sulphatePotassium sodium tartrate (Rochelle salt) (250 gms)
Resorcinol (100 gms)Iso-Propyl Alcohol (Propane 2-ol)
Ringer salineRose Bengal GR (25 gms)
Silver nitrate (25 gms)Silicagel for T. L. C. (250 gms)
Sodium AcetateSodium bicarbonate (hydrogen)
Sodium carbonateSodium chloride
Sodium citrateSodium hydroxide flakes
Sodium hydroxide pelletsSodium nitroprusside (100 gms)
Sodium metabisulphiteSodium nitrate
Sodium sulfateSodium thio sulphate
Starch solubleStannous Chloride (250 gms)
SucroseSulphuric Acid
Tetrazolium Salt (GR) (10 gms)Trichloro acetic acid (100 gms)
Trypsin powder (100 gms)Teepol (Labolin)
TolueneUniversal indicator solution
UreaVaseline laboratory use
WBC diluting fluid (125 ml.) Xylol (Sulphur free) filtered
Yeast extractZinc oxide
Zinc Chloride  

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