Chemistry Laboratory Equipment

Physics Laboratory Equipment

Hospital Equipment and Consumables

Biological Lab Equipments

Scientific Microscopes
Dissecting microscopeStudent microscope
Medical microscopeBinocular microscope
Trinocular research microscopeMetallurgical microscope
Stereo microscopeAdvance stereoscopic binocular microscope
Binocular Metallurgical MicroscopeBinocular Microscope
Binocular Research MicroscopeBinocular Stereoscopic Microscopes
Biological MicroscopeCompound Microscope
Digital MicroscopeDissecting Microscope
Fluorescent MicroscopeForensic Microscope
Imaging MicroscopeIndustrial Microscope
Medical Inclined MicroscopeMedical Microscope
Metallurgical MicroscopeMonocular Microscope
Monocular Research MicroscopeOptical Microscope
Pathological MicroscopePocket Microscope
Polarizing MicroscopePortable Microscope
Research MicroscopeStereo Microscope
Student MicroscopeTissue Culture Microscope
Vernier MicroscopeVideo Microscope
Ray MicroscopeZoom Microscope
Dropping bottle 30cc glassDropping Bottle rack
Petri dish 3” ordinary glassSpecimens in jar common
Permanent slide (general)Dropper with rubber teat 6”
Plane slide Indian glassCover slip Indian glass
Charts laminatedPipette-graduated-BOROSILICATE
Ganong’s photometerBel jar
Dessicator 6"Will matt’s bubbler complete
ganong's light screen Models Biological
Human Bone modelMeasuring cylinder 100ml
Beaker 500mlGanong's apparatus
chromatography paper whatman's filter paper
filer paper Round/Sheetwash bottle
Test tube test tube stand
Tripod standSprit lamp
cobalt chloride soln.potassium iodide soln.
B.P. MachineClinostat
Dissecting scissors, blunt type dissecting scissors, straightDissecting trays dissection box/ Dissection Box
Projector LCD/Overhead projector/SlideForceps, blunt ends forceps, pointed ends
Glass manometer tube mountedHand microtome
Insect collecting net with aluminum handleJ tube, screw fitting
Leaf area cutterMicro cover glass microscope cavity slides
Microscope slidesPlankton net
photometer Farmer'sGanong's Photometer,
Rotary microtomeScalpal handler
slide boxSlide cabinet
Transpiration apparatus

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